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This screensaver creator software allows you to enter your own videos and make your own screensaver of videos. You can play videos full screen or even customize the videos to any height or width. You can also play the videos files randomly, or have them play in the order that you have entered them. You can also preview the videos directly from your settings window, and you can choose to play videos at their default size for best video clarity. Make your own avi screensaver, mpg screensaver, or even wmv screensaver, or mix in combinations of all 3. Installation and uninstallation are included, and there are no additional run-time files needed. Runs on all Windows systems.
(After installing, you will then see it in your screensaver list in your control panel, and you can choose it as your screensaver and begin adding your videos.)

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    AVI-MPG-WMV Screensaver Creator:
    - Create your own movie and video screensaver.
    - View your own MPEG, AVI, or WMV files as a screensaver.
    - Includes video sound.
    - Ability to turn video sound on or off when playing in screensaver.
    - Add an entire folder of videos at a time.
    - Stretch videos to play full screen.
    - Customize video size to any height or width when playing.
    - Ability to play videos randomly or in the sequence entered.
    - Even plays other audio files while the video is playing.
    - Password protection.
    - Easy to use interface.
    - Runs on all Windows operating systems.
    - Free trial download, only 17.95 if you decide to purchase.

    To Install: Simply click the download link above to download and install it. After installing, go into your screensaver list in your control panel display, and you will be able to choose this screensaver from your screensaver list, and begin adding your videos.

    To Uninstall: Simply double-click the icon in the add-remove section of the control panel, and it will uninstall automatically.

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