File Splitter Deluxe - File Splitting Software

This software can split large files no matter what the file size or type, it has been tested on files over 60 gig in size. Anyone can recreate the orginal file even if they do not have this software, as it creates a tiny bat file that allows anyone to double click and rejoin all the split segments back together, creating an exact replica of the original file before it was split. Use as backup software to split up large files for copying to USB thumb drives or external drives, or for sending via email (as most emails have attachment size limits). When you split your files, a small program is created in the same folder and can be distributed with your split files, which will allow anyone to recreate the original file, with the original name. Additional features allow to print contents of folders, keep track of total files that you have split, and view your available system settings and memory. (Runs on all Windows systems).

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    File Splitter Deluxe Software:
    - Splits large files so that anyone can rejoin and make the original file.
    - Splits any type of file.
    - Use it for splitting MP3 files, splitting avi files, spliting wmv files, Word documents, EXE program, and more.
    - File type does not matter, as it always recreates the original file, in the exact original format.
    - Creates a tiny batch program which allows anyone to easily recreate the original file.
    - Keeps track of your total files split.
    - Also generates a tiny exe program (only 23k!) allowing anyone to rejoin. You use the bat file or the tiny exe program.
    - Splits file segments into almost any size, your choice.
    - Recreates the original file name.
    - Splits extremely fast, and even has a percentage complete tracker.
    - User friendly interface
    - Original file always remains untouched when split segments are created.
    - Runs on all Windows operating systems.
    - Free trial download, only 13.95 if you decide to purchase.

    To Install: Simply click the download link above to download and install it. After installing, you can simply click the icon your desktop anytime you want to split files.

    To Uninstall: Simply double-click the icon in the add-remove section of the control panel, and it will uninstall automatically.

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