MP3 Easysplitter - MP3 splitting software

This software allows you to split your MP3 songs into smaller segments without losing any sound quality. Simply choose the song and then select a start and end point, either by selecting while listening to the song or by choosing the exact byte size. You can increment or decrement to determine the exact mp3 split size you want, and your new MP3 segment is created automatically based on your selection. You can also use up and down arrows to easily adjust your split sound segments higher or lower, and you can fast foward, rewind, and even play your new MP3 song segment immediately. Other handy features include the ability to print lists of your MP3 songs, and even create formatted lists of MP3s for emailing or pasting. The original MP3 file is also never altered or changed in any way when creating new split segments. (Runs on all Windows systems).

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    MP3 Easysplitter Software:
    - Splits your MP3 songs into smaller, playable segments.
    - Split by exact byte size for more accurate or precision splitting.
    - Splits MP3 music without losing any quality, original quality is always retained.
    - Split by by listening and choosing your split locations.
    - Can also split by choosing the exact byte size you wish.
    - Original file is never altered, but a new MP3 file is created.
    - Instantly listen to your split MP3 segment after it is created.
    - Multiple split options, split by listening or split by byte sizes.
    - Print your MP3 song listings.
    - Create lists of MP3 files as text files for emailing or pasting.
    - Print directory listings and MP3 listings that are formatted in artist or song order.
    - Easy to use interface walks you through the steps.
    - Free technical help for any questions you may have.
    - Runs on all Windows operating systems.
    - Free trial download, only 18.95 if you decide to purchase.

    To Install: Simply click the download link above to download and install it. After installing, you can simply click the icon your desktop anytime you wish to run the software.

    To Uninstall: Simply double-click the icon in the add-remove section of the control panel, and it will uninstall automatically.

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