SoftDD Software Ordering

Ordering Notes:
1) This page is for Paypal ordering for those that have a Paypal account.
2) If you wish to order by credit card or other options, use the back arrow on your browser and choose the correct option on the previous page.
3) There are no hidden charges, no monthly fees, and no yearly fees as others are charging. Once you purchase, the software is yours.
4) You will never receive spam email, or postal junk mail after ordering. Your email is only used for support or assistance with any questions you may have.
5) If you order the CD, the CD delivery also includes email delivery, so you do not have to wait for the software to arrive.
7) If you have any questions or concerns contact support here for assistance.
8) European Union customers: You cannot order here. Due to the vax tax, if you live in the European Union, you must go back and order through a reseller.
Package Deals:
- Package deals offer substantial discounts if you purchase two programs at the same time.
- When you click the dropdown arrow below, the package deals will be shown at the bottom of your list.
- The package deals are only valid when purchased together as shown in the list below.
- If there is two programs you think should be offered as a package deal, feel free to email us this request.

Click the dropdown list below and select your program first! (Then click "Transfer To Secured Site").

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