Video Screensaver Maker - Make your own video screen savers

Enter your own WMV, AVI, or MPG videos, then automatically package and distribute to others as a video screensaver, royalty free. Simply select any videos on your hard drive, and a screensaver is automatically created with an installation file. Easy to use interface walks you through the steps, and you can then distribute your application as business advertising, selling to others, or simply for entertainment. You can also customize your own name for each screensaver, and you can add a button link in the screensaver which links directly to your website when clicked, adding more traffic and free advertising for your website. All screensaver settings are all completely changeable by each user, allowing them to stretch the videos to any screen size. An uninstall is added to each screensaver, making it easy for each user to uninstall if they wish. (Runs on all Windows systems. All created screensavers also run on all Windows systems).

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    Video Screensaver Software:
    - View your own WMV, MPEG or AVI files.
    - Creates an installation file so you can send your screensavers to others.
    - Also includes video sound.
    - Easy to use interface.
    - Ability to add a link button in screensaver which opens directly to your website.
    - Stretch videos full screen or adjust video play size.
    - Password protection.
    - Great for business advertising or entertainment.
    - You can even sell your own screensavers if you wish, no royalties of any kind.
    - Use your own unique screensaver name for each one you create.
    - Add links to your website within the screensaver to draw more traffic to your website.
    - Once you are registered, you can distribute screensavers unlimited, and royalty free.
    - Runs on all Windows operating systems.
    - Free trial download, only 69.95 if you decide to purchase.

    To Install: Simply click the download link above to download and install it. After installing, you can simply click the icon your desktop anytime you wish to run the software.

    To Uninstall: Simply double-click the icon in the add-remove section of the control panel, and it will uninstall automatically.

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